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Pavilion Payments Partners with UNLV International Gaming Institute

Pavilion Payments is partnering with the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) International Gaming Institute to analyze the gaming industry's transition toward cashless wagering. This research will be housed in the Responsible and Cashless Gaming Solutions Research Collaborative.

The Research Collaborative on Responsible and Cashless Gaming Solutions will work to provide a scientific, data-driven foundation for policymakers and regulators to make sound decisions in the future.


Pavilion Payments will support the Collaborative by leveraging its existing technological, operational, and marketplace strength to create a leadership position on responsible gaming, which will be crucial in any open cashless wagering conversations.


"The rise of cashless gaming and wagering has led to conversations around the safety and security of the practice, especially as the need for cashless gaming solutions has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic," said Christopher Justice, president of Pavilion Payments and participating member of the Collaborative. "Pavilion Payments is uniquely positioned to provide industry leadership and expertise to support the Collaborative's research efforts.


Additionally, we recently launched VIP Mobility, the industry's first mobile solution enabling true cashless casino gaming, to provide a more secure, more enjoyable gaming experience in a cashless manner while also delivering greater and more effective consumer protection for responsible gaming."


Pavilion Payments' work with the Collaborative comes as the company recently announced the availability of VIP Mobility.


VIP Mobility surpasses traditional forms of wagering and betting by providing a seamless player experience from funding through cash-out. With VIP Mobility, casinos can connect to existing responsible gaming systems while equipping patrons with the technology to better track, manage and control expenditures.


Learn more about how VIP Mobility cashlessly creates more responsible and enjoyable gaming options.