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Cash's reign is over

All around the world, cash is losing its luster. Consumers increasingly prefer flexibility and choice when it comes to paying, no matter where they are. Yet, cash remains king on gaming floors across the country—an experience that is increasingly inconvenient, insecure, and expensive and for casino operators and their patrons. Now, there’s a better way.


An easier, more efficient way to fund play

VIP Mobility offers casino operators the opportunity to reduce their costs while improving the player experience. It enables guests to create digital TITO tickets on their mobile device by scanning an existing voucher or using their VIP Preferred e-check account. Patrons then pair their mobile device to any slot or table game by scanning a QR code. They can reload from their phone and retrieve funds once they are finished playing. The entire experience is seamless from funding through cash-out.

Safe, secure, responsible

VIP Mobility provides additional layers of consumer protection while fitting within existing gaming regulations. Player tracking is automated, providing for improved identity and age verification. AML controls are tighter, creating numerous additional checks and balances to mitigate the potential for fraudulent behavior. And, responsible gaming measures are enhanced, including configurable spending limits, “pre-set cooling” off periods, self-exclusion and more.


Get more funding with less disruption

Gaming environments are expensive to create and are highly secure and highly regulated. Other mobile schemes presented in the market come with the requirement of massive technological upgrades to the casino environment. This includes: slot machine replacement, the installation of a high-speed floor and recertifications of all devices that touch the application. VIP Mobility is designed to work with Pavilion Payments Gaming’s LightSpeed® kiosk series. The only additional technology upgrades are potentially the slot machine bill validators and the installation of ticket printers in the pit.
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