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Elevating Casino Play with Cutting-Edge Cashless Gaming Technologies

Revolutionizing Casino Play with Cashless Gaming Solutions

Cashless gaming is revolutionizing the casino experience, offering a simpler and more efficient way to fund play. VIP Mobility™ is at the forefront of this transformation, enabling casino operators to embrace cashless payment solutions while enhancing the player experience. This innovative system allows guests to generate digital TITO tickets on their mobile devices, leveraging cashless methods such as scanning existing vouchers or using VIP Preferred® e-check accounts.


Seamless and Secure Cashless Casino Experience

In the realm of cashless casino gaming, VIP Mobility stands out by allowing patrons to seamlessly connect their mobile devices to slot machines or table games using a QR code. This cashless system facilitates easy reloading and funds retrieval, making the entire gaming experience smooth from start to finish. The adoption of cashless technology like this not only streamlines operations but also introduces a new level of convenience for players.

Enhanced Safety and Security in

Cashless Gaming Systems

Safety and security are paramount in cashless game environments. VIP Mobility enhances consumer protection, ensuring compliance with gaming regulations. Its automated player tracking boosts identity and age verification, tightening AML controls to prevent fraudulent behavior. Moreover, this cashless payment technology enriches responsible gaming measures. Features such as configurable spending limits, preset cooling-off periods and self-exclusion options are integral to promoting responsible cashless casino gaming.


Efficient Integration with Minimal Disruption with Maximum Benefit

Transitioning to a cashless casino environment with VIP Mobility means more funding with less disruption. Unlike other mobile solutions that necessitate extensive technological overhauls, VIP Mobility is designed to integrate smoothly with Pavilion Payments Gaming’s LightSpeed® kiosk series. The minimal upgrades required, like slot machine bill validators and ticket printer installations in the pit, make it a cost-effective choice for casinos looking to adopt cashless solutions.


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