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Because 10% of guests make up 80% of casino revenue, easily enabling VIP play is essential to success. VIP Preferred®, our e-check network, is available in more than 400 North American physical and online gaming locations. More than 3 million consumers rely on Pavilion Payments for simple, safe, and responsible play. The process is fully electronic and requires no complex guest signup.

The industry's highest limits

We understand the unique financial profiles of your VIP guests like no other partner can. After a simple one-time enrollment process, guests receive revolving 7-day limits of up to $50,000 instantly and can store up to four checking accounts. Pavilion Payments fully guarantees all check transactions.

Play today, settle later

Our delayed settlement casino e-check offering, Choice4TM, enables our clients to put more cash in play by extending e-check settlement to 7,14, 21, or 28 days. Available where regulations allow, the process is simple, with funds drawn from the guest’s account at the agreed-upon date.

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