Pavilion Payments Security

Where there is money, there is theft

Gaming faces significant theft losses inside the casino every year, and online gambling fraud has increased 60% since 2014. Because we’re part of Pavilion Payments, security is at the core of everything we do. If you too are serious about protecting your guests, your brand and your profits, here are a few questions you should be asking your payments solutions provider:

Are you implementing multiple security layers to prevent data theft?

The effective protection of consumer data requires a multi-layered approach that includes EMV, encryption and tokenization. That’s why our cash advance solution is EMV-ready, and encryption and tokenization are standard — with guest data never passing in the clear.

Are your guests safe from theft at the kiosk?

Guests standing at a TITO kiosk in a crowded casino on a busy Friday night are easy targets for skimming, PIN theft and more. All of our kiosks feature enclosed bill paths, a discreet PIN pad location, screens designed to enhance guest privacy and anti-skimming protection.

Are your ticketing kiosks safe from employee theft?

Approximately 50% of all casino theft is the result of an employee. In recent years, accounts have emerged of casino employees seizing the opportunity to use defective kiosk cassettes as a window of opportunity for theft. Our VIP LightSpeed® kiosks however, prevent this type of theft.

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