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A complete solution for a new era

The gaming industry is facing increased competition, a wave of consolidation and a need for carefully curated guest experiences. Gaming organizations need a single partner who can help them maximize the value of each guest visit. Pavilion Payments provides the tools, partnership and expertise our clients need to delight their guests and maximize spend.
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Committed to service, reliability and our clients' success

We know that our performance is critical to our clients’ success. That’s why it is our goal to set the gaming industry standard for service uptime and availability. It's also why we provide our clients with concierge-level service experts who understand the reoccurring nature of players, and the need for quick authorizations, limit increases or collection of returned items.

The solutions, expertise and innovation to meet our clients’ goals

We know gaming, and we’ve got a team of talented professionals that get out of bed every day thinking about how to better solve client challenges.

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