The high capacity marketing machine


The LSK 2500

The perfect option for highly visible, high-traffic sections of your casino floor. The LSK 2500 is a high-capacity machine capable of executing a high volume of cash transactions in any environment. It can process TITO, bill breaking, jackpot, ATM, e-check, and cash advance transactions in seconds.

Extra high capacity

The LSK 2500 holds a ton of cash. It houses six cassettes, each capable of holding 3,000 notes. It also has twin bill acceptors capable of holding 2200 notes, and a printer capable of cranking out 1400 receipts or TITO tickets per roll. It’s the perfect option for high-traffic sections of the casino floors, where you can’t afford to have a kiosk go down for replenishment during peak hours.

Marketing power

With ample signage real estate, customizable lighting, and video-powered screens, the LSK 2500 is a highly-visible marketing machine.

Enhanced security

Our kiosks feature enclosed bill paths, a discreet PIN pad location, enhanced privacy screens, and anti-skimming protection.

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