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Unlocking Innovation: Pavilion Payments Influence in the Gaming Industry

Technology providers frequently talk about creating innovative solutions, but are they truly providing value for what they were created to do? Reliability is crucial because it ensures that the solutions consistently perform their intended functions, meet customer expectations and maintain a high level of performance over time. Pavilion Payments goes beyond simply introducing new features or technologies; they ensure that their solutions are thoroughly tested, robust, dependable and exceed the gaming industry’s standard.


As industry leaders, Pavilion Payments engineered innovative cashless gaming solutions to follow the pace of the gaming industry’s rapid growth. Solutions such as VIP Preferred® and VIP Mobility™ pave the way for cashless innovation. VIP Preferred, Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check/ACH network, greatly enhances the gaming experience for patrons by offering convenient options for enrolling in the service. Patrons can either manually enter their bank information or utilize online banking credentials, streamlining the enrollment process. VIP Mobility is a mobile solution that enables a true cashless gaming experience, which allows operators to meet the needs of their patrons.


To advocate for more growth and innovation in the gaming industry, the American Gaming Association (AGA), is creating new pathways for industry growth, innovation, and reinvestment while promoting the social and economic value the gaming industry delivers across the U.S. Pavilion Payments CEO Christopher Justice actively serves on the Board of Directors of the AGA to ensure casino operators and online sportsbooks achieve greater success.


Through a commitment to targeted innovation, Pavilion Payments can provide valuable services to their customers, especially as the gaming industry is constantly evolving. With the goal of delivering the world’s most innovative payments ecosystem, Pavilion Payments aims to offer even more forward-thinking gaming solutions to patrons and operators around the country.


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