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Pavilion Payments Streamlines Withdrawals and Deposits for iGaming

In the gaming industry, having a reliable and efficient method to transfer funds online is crucial. Pavilion Payments’ VIP Preferred® offers two options for users to manage their finances seamlessly: VIP Preferred ACH and VIP Preferred Online Banking. Both options come with their own set of benefits and differences, catering to the diverse needs of patrons. They provide patrons a seamless way to enjoy gameplay across more than 100 online gaming sites with instant access to their winnings through Instant Payment services.


VIP Preferred ACH stands out for its ability to provide higher funding amounts, making it an attractive choice for patrons making substantial financial transactions. Funding amounts are contingent upon credit history; therefore, patrons need to be eligible. The advantage of VIP Preferred ACH lies in its simplicity and efficiency. Once your information is confirmed, you can enjoy the convenience of swift fund transfers with bank-grade security. This option offers a single funding limit, streamlining the process for users who prefer a straightforward approach to managing their accounts.


VIP Online Banking provides a lower barrier of entry, making it accessible to a wider range of patrons. A key feature of this solution is its personalized limit structure, which is based on the balances in your checking account. This flexibility allows users to tailor their transaction limits to their financial circumstances. VIP Preferred Online Banking offers the convenience of multiple sending limits for each connected checking account. This versatility enables users to manage various financial activities with ease, maximizing control and efficiency in their transactions. Whether used independently or alongside VIP Preferred ACH, VIP Online Banking simplifies transactions and enhances the overall gaming experience.


Both solutions provide enhanced security by requiring patrons to verify and confirm bank account ownership. Pavilion Payments utilizes built-in security that detects unusual activity and identifies fraud to protect the patron and operators. Whether patrons opt for VIP Preferred ACH or VIP Online Banking, they will benefit from using a reliable and secure platform to manage their financial transactions.


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