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Pavilion Payments’ VIP Preferred® Concierge Program Offers Hands-On Support at Downstream Casino Resort

While cutting-edge technological advancements may seem exciting to some, not everyone feels that way. There will always be those who deem new technology overly confusing and prefer to do things old-fashioned. New technology can be alienating in that way. Paradoxically, innovations designed to enhance convenience are perceived to have the opposite effect. For example, patrons who are less inclined to adopt new technology need extra help to make the switch.

As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments remains dedicated to helping patrons maximize the value of VIP Preferred products through the availability of our VIP Preferred Concierge program. Pavilion Payments successfully launched the VIP Preferred Concierge program at Downstream Casino Resort to engage with patrons. The VIP Preferred Concierge program is the first and only of its kind. Pavilion Payments works closely with casino properties to drive customer engagement and ensure mutual success.


The VIP Preferred Concierge team demonstrates Pavilion Payments’ products like VIP Mobility™, the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming, and VIP Preferred®, Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check network while offering “Genius Bar”-like customer service. By providing hands-on assistance, the VIP Preferred Concierge program drives VIP mobility downloads and usage and promotes VIP Preferred services.


The VIP Preferred Concierge program also gathers feedback from patrons in real-time to ensure their satisfaction with VIP Preferred remains high. Once patrons begin to use VIP Preferred, they adopt the technology faster than they initially assumed. The VIP Preferred Concierge program has already received valuable information from patrons at Downstream Casino Resort. One patron told a concierge team member, “Oh wow, this seems like it will be effortless to learn the more I use it.” Another endearingly admitted, “I’m a dinosaur, but after you explained to me how to use this app, now I at least feel like a very tech-savvy dinosaur.”


Pavilion Payments’ unique boots-on-the-ground model for customer outreach is designed to make Pavilion Payments’ technology more accessible for all patrons. The VIP Preferred Concierge program is flexible enough to assist patrons individually and has effectively made Pavilion Payments’ technology more accessible.


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