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B2C Successes: Pavilion Payments Surpasses 325,000 Social Media Followers, Demonstrating Vibrant Interest in Digital Payments Solutions

The payments industry, over the past several years, has increasingly emphasized digital-first solutions, which enhance convenience and utilize ground-breaking security features to keep consumers’ information safe. This revolution in payments technology has redefined the consumers’ experience, and now consumers expect the same usability across all their payments. The commercial gaming industry is known for its old-fashioned approach to funding – exchanging cash for chips or tokens at the cage – but some gaming institutions are beginning to adopt modern payment solutions.

Pavilion Payments leads the way in offering cutting-edge payment products for the commercial gaming industry. Pavilion Payments’ products provide a state-of-the-art payment experience unrivaled in the gaming industry. Patrons use products like VIP Preferred®, Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check network, to connect to their checking account for seamless, painless payments. Patrons are excited to use these innovative solutions, and that interest is reflected in Pavilion Payments’ social media performance.


The VIP Preferred social media success has demonstrated that consumers are invested in Pavilion Payments’ digital payment solutions. Across all its social media channels, including LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube, VIP Preferred has reached more than 325,000 followers. This massive reach allows Pavilion Payments to share its latest developments and successes with many engaged consumers.


Between 300,000 total followers, the demand for digital payments in commercial gaming is undeniable, and as mentioned last week, patrons who use Pavilion Payments’ solutions are thrilled by the experience. Pavilion Payments represents the next steps for payments in the gaming industry. The patrons themselves can see this already. Thus, gaming institutions must offer these solutions or risk falling to the wayside as patrons seek online and in-person casinos that cater to their payment needs.


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