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As Online Gaming Grows, Monarch Turns To Pavilion Payments’ iGaming Solutions

Monarch Casino Resort Spa has led the way in recognizing its guests’ preferences for more gaming options through their mobile devices. As one of the first resorts to go live with online sports betting in Colorado, Monarch Casino Resort Spa-Black Hawk is now implementing the latest iGaming solutions from Pavilion Payments to support online sports betting, online casino, mobile gaming, fantasy gaming, and more.

Today’s players want the ability to quickly fund and connect their online and brick-and-mortar gaming experiences in a fun, engaging way. For example, Monarch Casino Resort Spa-Black Hawk guests can seamlessly support their gaming from their checking accounts in a user-friendly way thanks to Pavilion Payments’ VIP LightSpeed® platform, combined with its VIP Preferred® e-check network.


“The nature of gaming is changing, and the once distinct lines between online and mobile gaming and physical casino gaming are becoming blurred as guests want the ability to do both within the resort,” said Christopher Justice, president of Pavilion Payments. “Monarch Casino Resort Spa has always been a leader in adopting new technology to create great guest experiences, and we are excited to be a part of that evolution in gaming with them.”


Pavilion Payments is at the forefront of defining how casinos can extend the gaming experience online as new legislation and ways to connect digital and physical properties successfully create new opportunities for gaming entertainment.


“We are seeing increased interest in iGaming both by guests looking to game from the comfort of their homes and by governing authorities who want to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to. By leveraging our technology, casinos create an innovative, multi-channel gaming environment which provides guests with more choices in how they prefer to game,” Justice added.


To learn more about how Pavilion Payments is helping casinos better serve their guests and where and how they choose to play, check out our online gaming solutions.