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Seamless Transactions Improve the iGaming Experience

iGaming has thrived due to its convenience and simplicity. The American Gaming Association (AGA) recently released the AGA Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker, reporting combined revenue from online sports betting and iGaming reached a new quarterly high of $5.16 billion.


With growth at an all-time high, operators must embrace this opportunity. Advanced iGaming technology allows operators to deliver a revolutionized gaming experience, driving increased engagement and growth. Pavilion Payments provides clients with solutions that captivate patrons today and adapt to future developments.


Pavilion Payments developed VIP Connect™, an innovative iGaming Software Development Kit designed to provide the most optimal iGaming payments experience. VIP Connect offers operators a seamless and efficient solution to simplify the integration of VIP Preferred’s® program.


This solution connects operators and patrons to the VIP Preferred ecosystem swiftly and conveniently. With VIP Connect, operators save time and resources since front-end design is not needed and only minimal coding is required on the back end. This platform quickly enables new features, including SameDay ACH, credit/debit acceptance, Real Time Payments (RTP) and risk enhancements without additional development by the operator.


Security is a top priority for Pavilion Payments. Therefore, VIP Connect offers a range of customization options to suit the needs of any operation. Pavilion Payments ensures a seamless enrollment through VIP Connect by using online bank credentials for improved security and efficiency. This provides control over their deposit limits.


VIP Connect's built-in security detects unusual activity, reducing fraud and increasing player volume. Pavilion Payments' industry-leading tools enhance the vetting of players, ensuring a secure and efficient gaming environment.


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