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Top 5 Pavilion Payments Blogs of 2023

As the year is coming to a close, Pavilion Payments is reflecting back on trends that shaped the gaming industry. iGaming, sports betting and land-based casino games helped drive the gaming industry to experience yet another record-breaking year in revenues and participation. On top of that, Pavilion Payments had an exciting year of new developments and pushing further innovation in the industry. Notably, Pavilion Payments refined their brand pillars to represent what they stand for, which are committing to client success, developing targeted innovations for the gaming industry and delivering a 360-degree integrated suite of payment solutions.

Pavilion Payments’ top blogs are some of the most impactful and engaged topics, which means they can serve as a look into some of the biggest gaming industry trends of this year.


A New Era for Pavilion PaymentsApril 6, 2023

Earlier this year Global Payments Gaming Solutions officially became Pavilion Payments. This made Pavilion Payments the largest vertically integrated payments provider for the gaming industry.

“The growth we are seeing in the gaming industry is exhilarating,” said Pavilion’s Chief Executive Officer Christopher Justice. “We are well positioned to take advantage of the changes rapidly occurring in our industry. As an independent company, we will continue to advance our innovative product development roadmap and provide outstanding service to our clients.”

Pavilion Payments Proudly Promotes Interns to Full-Time Marketing AssociatesJune 8, 2023

Samantha Thomas and Sophia Coronel accepted their full-time Marketing Associate positions at Pavilion Payments after being Marketing Interns for a little over a year while completing their studies.

“Pavilion Payments values bringing in young professionals for the fresh and new ideas they can introduce to the company while also providing them with an environment to learn and grow.”


Pavilion Payments Partners with Gaming Institutions on Online Bank CredentialingApril 20, 2023

Several online sportsbooks and casinos have integrated Pavilion Payments online bank credentialing including Action 24/7, BetSaracen, Betway Ohio, Circa Sports Colorado, SuperBook Sports Ohio, and Pavilion Payments’ online bank credentialing is designed to improve the overall speed and efficiency of enrollment in VIP Preferred. Patrons can use digital banking data instead of entering their information manually, eliminating errors and speeding up the overall process.

“Pavilion Payments aims to equip operators and patrons with technology that creates a seamless payments process that is safe and secure,” said Christopher Justice, CEO of Pavilion Payments. “VIP Preferred provides cutting-edge capabilities such as online banking credential enrollment that will truly improve the patron gaming experience.”


Pavilion Pillars: The Power of a 360-Degree Integrated Payments System April 12, 2023

One of Pavilion Payments’ most crucial brand pillars is the 360-degree integration of payment solutions. Being vertically integrated ensures secure and seamless funding across all locations, devices and channels and allow patrons to use their preferred payments methods.

“Pavilion Payments’ 360-degree integration of payment solutions helps casinos enhance the customer experience and increase operational efficiency, all while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.”


An Integrated Payment Approach is Faster, Cost Effective and More EfficientFebruary 14, 2023

Pavilion Payments identified the VIP Preferred ecosystem of solutions as a vertically integrated technology that genuinely streamlines the payment process. With VIP Preferred e-check network, patrons can directly transfer funds from their VIP Preferred balance to their favorite game. After a one-time enrollment, patrons can use the same account at more than 400 land-based and online gaming establishments.

“Vertically integrated solutions truly give a competitive advantage against fragmented models because vertically integrated technology has proven to be faster, cost-effective and straightforward.”


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