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Three Ways to Build Patron Loyalty

Like other businesses, casinos must advance over time by adapting to their patron preferences. As competition in the gaming industry increases, operators must strategize new ways to keep patrons engaged in their casinos. Patrons want an enhanced gaming experience with unparalleled offerings and benefits. So let’s explore three ways operators can build patron loyalty.

    1. Increasing cashless payment options– The impact of COVID-19 resulted in a steep decline in cash usage as patrons and casino floor staff adhered to social distancing guidelines. Studies show that many consumers will continue to use cashless solutions once the pandemic subsides. Operators striving to remain viable should implement cashless, contactless solutions that provide players with convenient, self-service funding methods.
    2. Creating a frictionless user experience– As the adoption of iGaming continues to grow, patrons expect a frictionless experience across all channels and devices. A fundamental way to create a frictionless user experience is by deploying technology that enables a multi-channel approach to gaming. The individual patron account can be used online and at brick-and-mortar experiences.
    3. Rewarding guests– As contactless solutions become commonplace in the industry, operators benefit by establishing a rewards program to complement their offerings. A robust rewards program attracts and retains patrons. It also serves as another tool in an operator’s arsenal to differentiate their casino from competitors.


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