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Tech Driven Experiences are Key to Building Better Patron Relationships

Whether it is a land-based casino, iGaming, or online sports betting operator, the patron experience is top of mind for all gaming operators. Most operators can deliver the basics – providing a place for a patron to game. However, many can improve the overall experience by creating environments that make the patron excited and want to return in the future. Operators can do this in a few ways, but it all begins with technology.

Making Sure the Right Solutions Are in Place

Maintaining and updating the gaming environment has traditionally been expensive and cumbersome. Still, Pavilion Payments can effectively combat this by leveraging operators’ existing infrastructure and technology investments to tap an affordable solution. Not only do we empower operators to reduce their operating costs, but we also enable operators to overcome the limited capabilities of legacy technology to establish an authentic, consumer-centric approach on the floor.


Remembering it’s all About Patron Choice

Due to convenience, cash payment has long been the patron’s preferred funding method. However, the impact of COVID-19 resulted in a steep decline in cash usage as patrons and casino operators alike adhered to social distancing guidelines. As casino operators race to meet the needs of patrons, Pavilion Payments is positioned to ease the operators’ transition to cashless gaming.


Cashless and Contactless Fun

Again, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s patron has adopted and has come to enjoy cashless and contactless payment options. While operators are far from becoming 100 percent cashless, we can expect the industry to become a more friendly environment for modern payment options. Operators looking to remain competitive must offer payment channels beyond the traditional cash option. It will be vital to the future success of the business. 


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