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Seamless Payments Allow the Gaming Experience to Shine

In-person and online casino operators constantly seek new ways to improve the patron experience. There are countless different solutions for adapting the gaming experience. Deciding where to start can be overwhelming. Often, casino operators utilize new technologies to create a unique, innovative, modern gaming experience. Operators leverage advancements in technology to enhance favorable elements and eliminate negative ones. Frequently, funding and payments cause the most significant headache for patrons. Technology can smooth these annoying or frustrating processes and refine the gaming experience. Pavilion Payments offers solutions that make funding and disbursements easy.

Pavilion Payments is redefining digital payments in the commercial gaming industry. VIP Mobility™, the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming, makes transferring funds as easy as tapping a button. With VIP Mobility's systems-agnostic approach, patrons can use their mobile devices to withdraw money and deposit earnings. Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check network, VIP Preferred®, connects patrons’ wagering accounts directly to their bank account with bank-grade security, ensuring quick, easy, and safe transfers.


Pavilion Payments also provides products that appeal to patrons who prefer playing with cash. VIP Financial Center™ is Pavilion Payments’ end-to-end kiosk solution. VIP Financial Center’s self-service approach enables patrons to get what they need quickly and easily. VIP Financial Center cuts down on time waiting in line, which breaks up play and interferes with the casino experience.


Creating an enjoyable experience is equally about cultivating positive aspects and curbing aggravating factors. The latter may seem less glamorous or exciting, but it may be the difference between a patron returning or going somewhere else. Especially in the commercial gaming industry, implementing funding and disbursement solutions that are simple to use and do not interfere with the experience is supremely important. Pavilion Payments offers solutions that make payments simple and easy.


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