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Improving the Gaming Experience with Seamless Access to Cash

The gaming industry's success is partly due to the efficient movement of funds through many channels, such as chips, cash, or mobile. Streamlining payments and access to funds became a convenient way for casinos to oversee and regulate the flow of payments in and out. Advancements in technology have simplified the way patrons can play, whether in person or online. As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments enhances the patron's payment experience by providing tools and technology that keep the patron's payment and gaming needs at the center of focus.

Pavilion Payments’ products utilize digital technology to access funds and payment control quickly. Consumers rely on technology to create a convenient and easy financial experience. VIP Mobility™, the gaming industry's first cashless gaming solution, streamlines the use of mobile for payments. VIP Mobility delivers a seamless payment experience by connecting slot and table games directly to the patron's mobile device in real time. VIP Preferred®, Pavilion Payments' industry-standard e-check network, connects the patron's cashless wagering ledger directly to their bank account with bank-grade security and safety. Pavilion Payments' VIP Financial Center™ is the full-service kiosk solution for patrons that game with cash, which also has a self-service approach that allows patrons to cut down on waiting time. 


Payment solutions should be simple and readily accessible, allowing a patron to gamble responsibly and efficiently. At the same time, Pavilion Payments offers services enabling patrons to limit their cashless spending to address concerns that may arise since cashless transactions are more convenient and faster. VIP Mobility lets patrons track and control their spending from their mobile devices. Patrons can access customizable or recommended spending limits to restrict expenditures over budget. Responsible gaming is essential when providing digital capabilities, so features such as voluntary self-exclusion allow individuals to opt out of service if any gaming problem arises.


Pavilion Payments’ offers a frictionless gaming experience by prioritizing safe digital capabilities. By equipping patrons with advanced technology, Pavilion Payments facilitates a simple payment experience that allows the patron to be in control. More than 3 million patrons rely on Pavilion Payments for simple, safe, and responsible play.


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