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How Cashless Implementation is Improving Casinos

Cash has had its reign over casinos, but with new digital payment capabilities becoming a preferred method, casinos and patrons alike have begun to take advantage of the flexibility and convenience. Even if patrons have expressed interest in cashless gaming methods, how eager are casinos to update their gaming technology?

As the gaming industry has adopted digital payment trends, integration is slower for some casinos because of potential regulatory implications or outdated legacy hardware. The implementation process for casinos can be overwhelming. Still, Pavilion Payments has created a simple and innovative payment solution that provides patrons with capabilities never seen before with a simple integration process for casinos. Cashless solutions are the future, and hesitant casinos are beginning to need new technology.


Christopher Justice, President of Pavilion Payments attended Global Gaming Expo (G2E) this year and enthusiastically spoke on a panel to discuss ‘Moving Towards a Digital Payments Society.’


“Adoption of cashless solutions will look like a bell curve,” said Justice during his panel at G2E. “We are currently at the end of the adoption phase, and now we should see increased adoption. For example, TITO tickets started as an experimental solution which quickly exploded in popularity to now being the standard at any casino.”


Pavilion Payments offers industry-leading cashless gaming solutions to online and brick-and-mortar casinos looking to give their patrons an improved gaming experience. VIP Mobility™, the gaming industry’s first cashless gaming solution, streamlines mobile for payments that allow patrons to track and control their spending right from their mobile device. VIP Mobility delivers a seamless payment experience by directly connecting slot and table games to the patron’s mobile device in real time. For safety, patrons can access customizable or recommended spending limits to restrict spending over budget. Responsible gaming is a priority when providing digital capabilities, so features such as voluntary self-exclusion allow individuals to opt out of service if any gaming problem arises.


Pavilion Payments created a seamless implementation process by prioritizing cashless capabilities to improve the gaming experience. By equipping patrons with cashless payment options, Pavilion Payments facilitates a simple payment experience that allows patrons and casinos to create a safe and improved gaming environment. More than 3 million patrons rely on Pavilion Payments for simple and responsible play. 


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