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Pavilion Payments Elevates Casino Play with Cashless Gaming Solutions

The increase in the adoption of cashless gaming technologies marks a revolutionary period for operators and patrons alike, presenting several growth opportunities. Operators should push for more innovation in technology that can redefine operational efficiency and cost reduction. The gaming industry is increasingly acknowledging the convenience and efficiency of cashless payments since they streamline payments for patrons and elevate the overall gaming experience. Pavilion Payments developed industry-leading cashless gaming technology such as VIP Mobility™ to drive innovation.


A part of the VIP Preferred® vertically-integrated payment​s​ ecosystem, VIP Mobility introduces a new level of convenience for players, from funding through cash-out. Through a patron's mobile device, VIP Mobility seamlessly connects to slot machines or table games using a QR code. This cashless system facilitates easy reloading and funds retrieval and allows guests to generate digital TITO tickets on their mobile devices, leveraging cashless methods such as scanning existing vouchers or using VIP Preferred e-check accounts.


The integration of solutions like VIP Mobility makes the transition to cashless gaming not only seamless but also cost-effective by empowering casinos to leverage existing infrastructure. This innovation presents operators with a unique opportunity to enhance the overall gaming experience, from simplified transactions to the immediate retrieval of funds, thereby fostering patron loyalty.


On the patron side, cashless gaming provides an unparalleled gaming experience. VIP Preferred members can link their existing accounts to VIP Mobility effortlessly, enjoy gaming experiences across various platforms, and eliminate the inconvenience of re-registering accounts. Cashless gaming technologies are not only user-friendly but backed by bank grade safety features to ensure patron's transactions are secure.


Kick-off 2024 by learning how Pavilion Payments’ cashless gaming technologies can truly elevate the casino experience. For more information on how Pavilion Payments is enabling gaming and entertainment leaders to create amazing consumer experiences across their physical and digital properties click here.