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Pavilion Payments Works with the International Center for Responsible Gaming on Industry-Leading Research

Investing in responsible gaming tools and research is an industry-standard to ensure patrons are protected with any needed resources. Pavilion Payments funded research and a grant award for the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) for a research initiative led by internationally recognized researcher and professor at Ottawa-based Carleton University, Dr. Michael J.A. Wohl, aimed at developing tools to foster responsible gambling practices.


Pavilion Payments’ primary objective is to promote responsible and positive gaming habits to decrease gambling-related harm. The funded research will build on previous findings that a preemptive limit option is more effective in reducing problem gaming over time compared to a suggestion-based option, which typically occurs in the middle of a gaming session. Pavilion Payments’ assistance is meant to help gaming professionals find new and better ways to protect their patrons.


Pavilion Payments CEO Christopher Justice is an active board member of the American Gaming Association (AGA), which has several initiatives such as Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM) that helps educate consumers on the basics of responsible betting and problem gambling awareness. With industry-leading solutions like VIP Preferred®, Pavilion Payments provides patrons with the tools to game responsibly and critical resources for patrons who need assistance with problem gaming. VIP Preferred has capabilities of configurable pre-set spending limits, cooling-off periods and voluntary exclusion.


“At Pavilion Payments, we are committed to promoting responsible and ethical practices within the gaming industry,” said Christopher Justice, CEO of Pavilion Payments. “Our investment in the ICRG reflects our dedication to advancing research that will contribute to the development of effective tools for responsible gambling. We believe in the potential of Dr. Wohl's research to reshape the gaming landscape by positively contributing to a future of responsible gaming.”


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