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Pavilion Payments Dedicates September to Responsible Gaming Alongside AGA

We join the American Gaming Association (AGA) this September to celebrate and support Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM). This month is selected to promote gaming literacy and education and advance patrons’ understanding of responsible gambling. Pavilion Payments is committed to responsible gaming and providing patrons with the safest and most innovative services as the gaming industry continues to grow online and in person.

AGA’s program helps educate consumers on the basics of responsible betting and problem gambling awareness. Pavilion Payments President Christopher Justice is an active board member of the AGA and has devoted the entire month of September to raising awareness by discussing the importance of a safe and responsible gaming experience.

Gaming is a common source of entertainment for most people, whether it’s putting wagers on professional athletes or spending time in the casino. Gambling is enjoyable, but for a few, it can develop into an unhealthy habit that is no longer fun. Pavilion Payments provides critical resources for patrons that need assistance with problem gaming.


Pavilion Payments empowers patrons to game responsibly to build and support the integrity and sustainability of the gaming industry. With industry-leading solutions like VIP Preferred®, Pavilion Payments provides patrons with the tools to game responsibly. VIP Preferred has capabilities of configurable pre-set spending limits, cooling-off periods, and voluntary exclusion.


Gaming responsibly isn’t just a rule to follow; it is a standard the gaming industry sets to keep patrons safe. Join the conversation using #RGEM2022 to help AGA and Pavilion Payments spread awareness for responsible gaming throughout September.


To learn more about Pavilion Payments commitment to responsible gaming, please visit