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Responsible Gaming is a Year-Round Effort

As September is coming to an end, this month, we joined the American Gaming Association (AGA) to honor and support Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM). This month is dedicated to promoting awareness and advancing patrons’ understanding of responsible gaming. Since the gaming industry continues implementing new technologies and payment options, Pavilion Payments is consistently committed to providing patrons with safe, secure technology that promotes responsible gaming.

As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments is enthusiastic about promoting responsible gaming alongside the AGA to bring awareness to RGEM and to be an active voice in the gaming industry. Nevertheless, advocating for responsible gaming is a year-round effort at Pavilion Payments. Throughout September, Pavilion Payments diligently promoted its mission to keep patrons safe by prioritizing responsible gaming practices.


Responsible gaming is top of mind whenever Pavilion Payments designs new products and services for patrons, even in the early concept stages. With current innovative solutions like VIP Preferred®, Pavilion Payments provides patrons with the tools to game responsibly. This industry-leading solution empowers patrons to control their spending by utilizing configurable pre-set spending limits, cooling-off periods, and voluntary self-exclusion.


Gaming responsibly relies on safe and secure solutions to keep patrons in the gaming industry safe all year round. Make your voice heard in the gaming industry by using #RGEM2022 to help AGA and Pavilion Payments spread awareness for responsible gaming throughout September.


To learn more about Pavilion Payments' commitment to responsible gaming, please visit