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Pavilion Payments Strengthens Product Support with VIP Playbook

As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments is helping operators navigate the complexities of today’s gaming environment through the availability of VIP Playbook, an online portal designed to optimize the patron experience and deliver profitable growth. VIP Playbook is a one-stop shop to support the effective implementation, maintenance, and ongoing success of Pavilion Payments’ VIP products through documentation, training, and marketing materials.

After a one-time enrollment at the VIP Playbook website, registered Pavilion Payments customers have access to six product tool kits and a growing collection of more than 350 articles in the VIP Help Center, including technical documentation, maintenance guides, product introduction eLearning modules, in-person training materials, product guides, and frequently asked questions.


VIP Playbook can be accessed from any device, making it easy for operators and employees to reference at their convenience.


Click here to visit the VIP Playbook and to register for the VIP Help Center.