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Pavilion Payments  Partners with JCM Global to Enhance VIP Mobility

Pavilion Payments has long sought to create a cashless casino solution. While Pavilion Payments offers a host of innovative and robust payments solutions, partnerships are an essential means of strengthening current products and offering new solutions. Recently, Pavilion Payments integrated JCM Global’s FUZION® system and iVIZION® bill validator into VIP Mobility™, the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming. In addition, the partnership creates a cashless solution that works for all casinos, regardless of their CMS provider.

The newly integrated solution enables patrons to effortlessly fund their play while helping casinos avoid costly CMS upgrades, complex system integrations, and IP Patent Pool fees. In addition, patrons can use VIP Mobility to fund table games, slot machines, restaurants, and bars, creating a cashless experience across the entire casino resort. In addition, the partnership will provide players with the flexibility to choose how they want to interact with their favorite casino or non-gaming venue while expanding their funding options to both cash and cashless capabilities.


Pavilion Payments’ VIP Mobility provides several benefits to operators and patrons alike. VIP Mobility is the only cashless solution that doesn’t require creating a wagering account, which eases regulatory review and mitigates tribal compact changes for operators. VIP Mobility is the only solution in the market that enables both rated and unrated play. In addition, the enhanced system delivers a seamless and secure payments experience to patrons.


JCM’s solutions make cashless payments safer and more efficient. JCM’s FUZION system and iVIZION bill validator work with casino operators to deter cheating, prevent acceptance of fraudulent bills, increase the up-time of their slots, and save labor during routine and emergency drops.


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