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Pavilion Payments Raises Awareness about Responsible Gaming as More States Legalize Sports Betting

Legal sports betting continues to gain traction throughout the United States. According to an American Gaming Institution (AGA) tweet, more than half of American adults (54%) can now place legal sports wagers in their home states.

Legal sports betting is a new and fun way for most patrons to support their favorite teams. But for some, gambling is a serious problem that continues after the fun is gone. According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, an estimated 2 million U.S. adults meet the criteria for severe gambling problems. As more states continue to legalize sports betting, there is an increased need to educate patrons about the importance of responsible gaming.


As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments understands the importance of responsible gaming and remains committed to ensuring patrons are betting safely and responsibly. Recently, Pavilion Payments partnered with the AGA to promote their Have A Game PlanBet Responsibly™, a public service campaign, aims to educate patrons on the basics of responsible betting and raise awareness about problem gambling.


Pavilion Payments' commitment to responsible gaming extends further by engineering its solutions to include the latest industry advancements. For example, VIP Mobility™, the industry's first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming, provides patrons an enhanced gaming experience while delivering more effective protection for responsible gaming. The solution incorporates responsible gaming measures, including configurable spending limits, "pre-set cooling" off periods, self-exclusion, and more. Additionally, AML controls are tighter, creating additional checks and balances to mitigate the potential for fraudulent behavior. 


Over 3 million patrons rely on Pavilion Payments for simple, safe, and responsible play. Click here to learn more about Pavilion Payments' commitment to responsible gaming.