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Pavilion Payments Offer Solutions That Allow Easy Access to Funds Without Breaking the Bank

The gaming houses of the 1800s first introduced chips to standardize bets and payments since gamblers would bring gold nuggets, dust, or even their cows to the table to bet with. Chips became such a convenient way for casinos to regulate and control money flow that today, the chip is synonymous with gambling and casinos. Even today, in an age of mobile payments and cash-free stores, going to the cage and exchanging chips for cash remains an enduring image of visiting a casino.

However, innovations in payment technology have opened opportunities for new ways to play. Digital payments have made money more accessible, but that convenience has created other issues. Notably, many patrons have expressed concern over being able to limit their spending with cashless payments. Patrons used to play with a certain amount of cash wonder if they can say the same degree of control with cashless gaming. Ideally, a payment solution should provide easy access to funds while simplifying patrons' limits. Pavilion Payments offers those services to casinos across the nation.


Pavilion Payments' products leverage digital technology to allow easy access to funds. VIP Mobility™ is the industry's first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming. VIP Mobility's system-agnostic approach delivers a seamless payment experience by connecting slot and table games directly to the patron's mobile device. Pavilion Payments industry-standard e-check network, VIP Preferred®, links the patron's cashless wagering account directly to their bank account with bank-grade security. Pavilion Payments' VIP Financial Center™ is the full-service kiosk solution for patrons who still prefer cash. VIP Financial Center's self-service approach cuts down on time waiting in line, allowing patrons to return to their games quickly.


While Pavilion Payments' solutions make accessing money easy, it also provides measures for patrons to monitor their spending. For example, VIP Mobility patrons can track their spending on their mobile devices. For added peace of mind, patrons can use configurable pre-set spending limits to remain on budget. In extreme cases involving problem gambling, individuals can opt out of the service through voluntary self-exclusion.


Pavilion Payments strikes a careful balance in its products. Pavilion Payments makes accessing cash easy and convenient. On the other hand, Pavilion Payments alleviates patrons' concerns by including responsible gaming features in its solutions. Pavilion Payments offers products that address patrons' desires in all respects.


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