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Pavilion Payments' Fast and Secure iGaming Solutions Pave the Way for Success

As iGaming and online sports betting have exploded in popularity in recent years, brick-and-mortar gaming operators are looking for ways to leverage digital tools for their own success, whether it be by branching out into iGaming or adopting innovative tools for the casino floor. For those forward-thinking gaming institutions, a modernized payments program is one great way to increase efficiency and deliver an enhanced gaming experience. Pavilion Payments provides a fast, safe and efficient iGaming solution that works across all verticals, helping to promote growth in the gaming industry.  


For an elevated gaming experience, the payment process is among the most essential aspects of the entire experience. Pavilion Payments provides system-agnostic iGaming solutions that integrate seamlessly with the operator’s other payment providers. Across all industries, users realize the advantages and benefits of online and mobile payments. However, since online payment usability levels have increased, patrons expect the same convenience for iGaming and online sports betting. 


For the most user-friendly experience in the gaming industry, VIP Preferred, the industry-standard ACH e-check network bridging online and in-person payments with one solution, creates an unrivaled payment experience in convenience and efficiency. For even more benefit to patrons, after one sign-up, VIP Preferred users can seamlessly connect to more than 400 traditional casinos and iGaming providers. In addition, VIP Preferred links the patron’s checking account directly to the gaming institution and interacts with associated payment solutions like VIP Mobility™ and VIP Financial Center™, which integrate the usability of digital payments with the casino gaming experience. 


In recent years, the iGaming industry has experienced remarkable growth. The increased adoption and popularity of online sports betting presents a strategic opportunity for casinos and other gaming institutions to invest in the overall patron experience. iGaming prioritizes speed and convenience, qualities that Pavilion Payments reflects. 


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