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Why Does Payments Modernization Matter?

American Gaming Association's (AGA) "Advocacy in Action" strives to pave the way for industry growth, innovation, and reinvestment. One of AGA's top initiatives is to advance payment modernization in casinos, providing patrons with the choice and convenience they have grown accustomed to daily.

Before the pandemic, contactless payments were considered an opportunity to meet consumers' evolving preferences rather than a necessity. However, the global pandemic expedited the need for cashless, contactless solutions as patrons returned to the casino floor. Studies show that 30% of consumers started using contactless payment methods at the beginning of the pandemic, with 70% of these recent adopters planning to continue using digital payment methods once the pandemic subsides, proving that cashless gaming is the industry's future.


As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments has made great strides in developing technology to advance cashless gaming options. Pavilion Payments partnered with the UNLV International Gaming Institute to analyze the industry's transition toward cashless wagering. Through this research, Pavilion Payments leveraged its existing technology within VIP Mobility and VIP Financial Center to advance cashless solutions.


Pavilion Payments' VIP Mobility is the industry's first mobile solution that enables an authentic cashless experience. VIP Mobility surpasses traditional forms of wagering by providing a seamless and secure player experience from funding through cash-out. The mobile solution allows casinos to connect to existing responsible gaming systems while equipping patrons with the latest technology to track better, manage and control expenditures.


With Pavilion Payments' VIP Financial Center, patrons can adhere to social distancing guidelines while on the casino floor. VIP Financial Center provides convenient self-service TITO redemption, bill breaking, e-check, ATM, and cash advance capabilities to casino guests. In addition, the high-performance solution equips casino operators with robust service capability, high dependability, easy serviceability, and enhanced security.


Delivering a single source for self-service ticket redemption, cash access, and cashless gaming capabilities, Pavilion Payments' VIP Mobility and VIP Financial Center are designed to meet the payment preferences of all patrons.


ICYMI: Christopher Justice, president of Pavilion Payments, was recently featured in Casino Life Magazine. In the article, Justice dives into VIP Mobility and how the mobile solution is furthering the industry's transition to cashless technology.