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NIGA 2021 Recap: Cashless Takes Center Stage

For many, NIGA was their first in-person event since the start of the global pandemic. In addition to halting in-person events, the global pandemic expedited the need for cashless, contactless solutions. According to a worldwide survey, 74% of participants will continue using contactless payments once the pandemic subsides, proving that cashless gaming is the industry's future. In light of these numbers, operators should plan to provide cashless solutions after the pandemic and well into the future.

While attending NIGA, the Pavilion Payments team spoke with casino executives and tribal gaming leaders about the industry's shift to cashless. Here are a few of the main takeaways you may have missed from this year's NIGA conference.


How is Pavilion Payments meeting the needs of patrons who prefer cashless gaming?

In 2020, Pavilion Payments leveraged its existing technology within VIP Mobility™ to advance cashless gaming. VIP Mobility is the industry's first mobile solution enabling cashless gaming from funding through cash-out.


What differentiates VIP Mobility from other cashless solutions in the industry?

Unlike other cashless solutions, VIP Mobility does not require additional technology certifications on the floor, creating an effortless transition to cashless gaming. As a result, VIP Mobility not only empowers casinos to reduce their operating costs but also enables them to overcome the limited capabilities of legacy technology to establish an authentic, consumer-centric approach on the floor.


How has your technology added convenience and ease of use to patrons?

VIP Mobility is built on the decades-old industry standard for check cashing, Pavilion Payments' VIP Preferred® e-check network. Leveraging the convenience, flexibility, and ease of VIP Preferred, plus functions like eCheck and Choice 4™ deferred settlement, the app allows patrons to transfer funds directly from their personal bank account to their game.


What capabilities do you see in the future of cashless gaming?

In today's market, there is a tremendous opportunity for casinos to leverage cashless solutions to provide patrons with an enhanced and safe gaming experience. Industry experts expect to see more developments in how cashless solutions can help casino operators enforce responsible gaming.


Casino operators should strive to implement cashless, contactless solutions that create an engaging experience for patrons as cash usage continues to decline. Click here to learn more about how Pavilion Payments is putting cashless payments into play, or visit our Resource Center.