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Tighter Integration Means Better Security

Pavilion Payments' 360-degree integration of payment solutions enables secure and seamless funding across all locations, devices and channels. By utilizing important security measures and implementing them across all payment channels, a 360-degree integration offers better overall safety and security. It reduces vulnerabilities, enhances data protection, enables proactive fraud detection and ensures compliance with industry standards, which ultimately provides a safer environment for payment transactions.


VIP Preferred®, Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check/ACH network, greatly enhances the gaming experience for patrons by offering convenient options for enrolling in the service. Patrons can either manually enter their bank information or utilize online banking credentials, streamlining the enrollment process.


One of the key advantages of online bank credentialing is the assurance of security to safeguard users' personal and financial details from unauthorized access. VIP Preferred utilizes bank-grade security measures, ensuring swift and secure transactions while protecting patrons' information. This ecosystem allows seamless integration between casinos, existing systems, and the transfer of funds across mobile devices, financial institutions, and the casino floor or online sportsbook. Ultimately, online bank credentialing offers individuals a secure and convenient means to manage their finances and access their bank accounts from any location.


With Pavilion Payments CEO Christopher Justice actively serving on the Board of Directors of the American Gaming Association (AGA), Pavilion Payments honors AGA’s mission of providing patrons with efficient and safe technology. Whether it’s online or at the cage, ensuring patrons’ financial data and funds are secure is a top priority. Through 360-degree integration, Pavilion Payment’s solutions are safe and secure.


Pavilion Payments is the biggest U.S.-based vertically integrated payments provider in the iGaming and land-based casino industries. Pavilion Payments’ 360-degree integration of payment solutions helps casinos enhance the customer experience and increase operational efficiency, all while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


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