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Supporting Social Distancing Through Innovative Technology

With casinos reopening nationwide, the positive response from consumers has been strong. While operators are excited to have patrons back on casino floors, they are also committed to keeping them safe and supporting social distancing requirements.

Pavilion Payments is helping our partners achieve this by introducing our full-service VIP Financial Center that provides casino guests with convenient self-service TITO, bill breaking, e-check, ATM, and cash advances. We have designed it based on what casino operators need and value: a highly dependable, easily serviceable, secure solution supporting many service capabilities. The center’s slim profile design and small footprint allow casino operators to strategically place multiple devices throughout the casino floor strategically – supporting social distancing and increasing convenience for guests without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Our VIP Financial Center is just one part of a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to create unique consumer experiences and maximize spend across our customers’ physical and digital properties by centralizing safe, secure, and trusted cash access at the cage, on the casino floor, or online.

To learn more, visit our resource center.