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Streamline the Gaming Experience with Connected Solutions

2023 was an exciting year for the gaming industry with new solutions, engagement, and growth. The American Gaming Association (AGA) compiled the gaming data from 2023 and found that land-based casino games, sports betting, and iGaming reached $66.52 billion in total revenue. This signifies another record-breaking year with a 10% increase from 2022 total revenue.


Driving innovation in the gaming industry remains to be a priority for continued growth. If operators are looking for industry-leading technology with a modern look and feel, Pavilion Payments has the robust solutions and expertise needed. Pavilion Payments' mission is to create a seamless gaming experience for patrons by providing operators with technology that integrates into every aspect of the payment process. With the VIP Preferred® ecosystem of solutions, both operators and patrons have all the tools they need.


The AGA also found that in-person gaming experienced a record-breaking year in generating revenue. Operators need to ensure that in-person and online gaming is seamless and delivers the same great experience. Since in-person gaming has continued to increase since the pandemic, cashless gaming is an essential capability to offer. Pavilion Payments developed industry-leading cashless gaming technology such as VIP Mobility™ to drive innovation.


Through a patron's mobile device, VIP Mobility seamlessly connects to slot machines or table games using a QR code. This cashless system facilitates easy reloading and funds retrieval and allows guests to generate digital TITO tickets on their mobile devices, leveraging cashless methods such as scanning existing vouchers or using VIP Preferred e-check accounts. The integration of solutions like VIP Mobility makes the transition to cashless gaming not only seamless but also cost-effective by empowering casinos to leverage existing infrastructure.


With the VIP Preferred® ecosystem of solutions, the payment process is streamlined at the cage, at a self-service kiosk, and at online operators, through vertically integrated technology. Patrons enjoy the convenience of being directly connected to more than 400 land-based and online gaming establishments after one enrollment. For a seamless experience and fewer lines on the game room floor, Pavilion Payments’ VIP Financial Center™ is the one-stop shop kiosk fully equipped with high-performance solutions such as self-service TITO voucher redemption, bill breaking, e-check, ATM and cash advance. These kiosks are carefully designed to maximize uptime and limit servicing, so patrons who prefer to play with cash enjoy the experience as much as cashless gaming patrons.


With Pavilion Payments’ 360-degree integration, operators can navigate the gaming industry with efficiency and innovation. By embracing the power of interconnected solutions, patrons can enjoy an elevated payment experience for any gaming.


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