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Solutions that Allow for Client Customization Offer a Competitive Advantage

In the evolving and fast-paced gaming industry, efficient and secure payment solutions are a fundamental aspect of success. Recognizing this critical need, Pavilion Payments ensures client success is at the forefront with solutions that give operators all the tools they need. Pavilion Payments’ integrated payments ecosystem, VIP Preferred®, is designed to create seamless consumer experiences across both physical and digital properties, benefitting operators and patrons alike.


The client-led customization that Pavilion Payments provides ensures that gaming operators get the solutions to best suit their needs and their patrons’ preferences. Pavilion Payments tailors solutions for every level because different gaming establishments have unique requirements. Whether it's a land-based casino, an online or iGaming site, or a combination of both, Pavilion Payments has solutions to cater to every level and subcategory of the gaming industry. Pavilion Payments’ agnostic approach guarantees minimal impact on pre-existing processes, allowing gaming institutions to embrace new payment technologies effortlessly.


For a seamless experience and fewer lines on the game room floor, Pavilion Payments’ VIP Financial Center™ is the one-stop shop kiosk fully equipped with high-performance solutions such as self-service TITO voucher redemption, bill breaking, e-check, ATM and cash advance. These kiosks are carefully designed to maximize uptime and limit servicing, so patrons who prefer to play with cash enjoy the experience as much as cashless gaming patrons. VIP Mobility™ is a secure cashless mobile gaming funds solution. With a mobile device, patrons can fund slot machines, table games play or transfer winnings from slot vouchers over Pavilion Payment’s secure data-encrypted network.


Pavilion Payments goes beyond payments processing and extends assistance through its Partner Assist Program. This groundbreaking initiative collaborates with Engaged Nation, a marketing firm specializing in casino digital engagement, to provide direct marketing assistance. Through gamified mechanics and incentives, this program ensures clients achieve greater value and bottom-line returns without requiring substantial staff time from the operator.


According to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Commercial Revenue Tracker, this month marked the 27th consecutive month of annual national growth in revenues. As the gaming industry is demonstrating steady growth, operators need innovative technology that can help support their patrons while providing a streamlined gaming experience.


Pavilion Payments is at the forefront of revolutionizing the casino gaming industry's payments landscape. Through their customer-focused approach, tailored solutions and cutting-edge programs, Pavilion Payments has elevated efficiency and convenience for both operators and patrons by prioritizing client success.


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