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PointsBet Taps Pavilion Payments’ iGaming to Enhance Online Sports Betting

As one of the fastest-growing sportsbooks in the country, PointsBet has partnered with Pavilion Payments to implement its suite of iGaming solutions to further the online bookmakers’ efforts to allow players to fund bets and claim winnings via electronic checking.

A cutting-edge bookmaker prides itself on having the quickest and most user-friendly app (iOS and Android), PointsBet’s innovative PointsBetting product allows users to bet where potential winnings or losses are variable until the final whistle. This unlocks exciting new categories for bettors to wager on different aspects of games, such as the point difference between a win and loss for a particular team, a multiplier of numerous player statistical categories, or the time in seconds of the first three-pointer made during a basketball game.


To further enhance the sports betting experience, PointsBet Illinois is leveraging Pavilion Payments’ iGaming solutions to support ACH-guaranteed services to enable players to fund their bets and get real-time access to their winnings electronically using their regular checking accounts. In addition, the suite of iGaming solutions leverages Pavilion Payments’ VIP LightSpeed® platform to power funding and withdrawals for online sports betting; and the VIP Preferred® e-check network to enable guests to quickly access funds from their checking account in a seamless, frictionless manner. 


“As guests increasingly opt into digital and online channels for everyday activities, the demand for iGaming is growing as well,” said Christopher Justice, president of Pavilion Payments. “By leveraging our technology, PointsBet Illinois is providing an innovative gaming experience to meet guests in their homes or wherever they choose to game and offer more convenience and flexibility in the way they game.”


Check out the recent press release or our online gaming solutions to learn more about how Pavilion Payments is helping casinos better serve their guests and where and how they choose to play.