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Pavilion Payments’ Gives Patrons Faster, Easier Access to Cash On Demand

The gaming industry is built on creating exciting and enjoyable experiences for patrons. Over the years, however, patron expectations have shifted. Patrons want to access cash quickly, but they also want to feel in control of their spending and understand their limits. A cumbersome payment process can leave patrons alienated and unwilling to return, while a smooth, seamless payment system can build patron loyalty. As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments offers solutions that create an easier, more efficient way for patrons to game and fund their play.

For example, VIP Preferred® is Pavilion Payments’ award-winning, industry-standard e-check and ACH network. After a one-time enrollment, VIP Preferred users can game at more than 400 land-based and interactive gaming locations nationwide. Leveraging the convenience, flexibility, and ease of VIP Preferred, patrons can transfer funds directly from their bank account to their favorite game with the touch of a screen.


However, creating a seamless funding experience is more than just a matter of speed. Patrons also want to control their spending and feel secure about their limits. Pavilion Payments’ solutions, such as VIP Mobility™ and VIP Financial Center ™, provide patrons with additional layers of consumer protection while fitting within existing gaming regulations. Powered by VIP Preferred, VIP Mobility, and VIP Financial Center, tap the latest technology to strengthen responsible gaming measures, including pre-set cooling-off periods, self-exclusion, and more. With Pavilion Payments’ solutions, patrons will have the tools to track and control and manage expenditures better.


In today’s market, casinos have a tremendous opportunity to leverage high-tech solutions to deliver fast and easy funding options to patrons. More than 3 million patrons rely on Pavilion Payments for simple, safe, and responsible play.


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