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Pavilion Payments Offers Solutions as Legal Gaming Spreads Across the U.S.

Over the past several years, commercial gaming has become massively popular and successful. Since the Supreme Court repealed the federal ban on sports wagering in 2018 (Murphy vs. National College Athletic Association), states nationwide have passed their gambling legislation. In 2021 alone, ten states and territories in the United States legalized gaming. According to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) interactive map, seven states in the U.S. have introduced legislation to legalize wagering in 2022: California, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Oklahoma. With each new state that legalizes gambling, the market for commercial gaming expands, and Pavilion Payments provides products for gaming operators that want to offer a best-in-class experience.  


The legalization of wagering does not mean that gaming is immediately available. When states legalize and regulate gaming, it often takes months for gaming industry professionals to implement their programs and make retail wagering available for consumers. While building and staffing a casino takes time and requires substantial upfront costs, iGaming is much faster to administer and appeals to a large swathe of patrons. Pavilion Payments’ e-check network, VIP Preferred™, allows casinos and online gaming providers to reach their patrons wherever they are and offer state-of-the-art payments solutions. VIP Preferred delivers a seamless experience that allows a single account to transfer balances from one gaming provider to the next. VIP Preferred’s industry-standard network leverages bank-grade security so patrons can withdraw funds and deposit winnings quickly, easily, and safely. With three million users nationwide, VIP Preferred connects with more than 400 casinos and interactive gaming locations across the U.S. 


The expansion and popularization of commercial gaming have led to rising concerns about responsible gaming. Wagering has never been so widely available, so it is incumbent on gaming companies to ensure a safe, responsible experience. Pavilion Payments advocates for responsible gaming by promoting initiatives and incorporating safety measures in its products. Pavilion Payments’ solutions feature cooling-off periods, so patrons do not take out too much money at once. Patrons can also use pre-set configurable spending limits or voluntary self-exclusion. Pavilion Payments allows patrons to have total control of their spending. Pavilion Payments has partnered with the AGA’s Have A Game Plan. ® Bet Responsibly.™ public service campaign, providing knowledge and resources to help patrons play safely and responsibly. 


In 2021, the commercial gaming industry experienced record-breaking revenue. The increase in states legalizing gambling has undoubtedly led in some part to this unprecedented success. While it is uncertain exactly when any previously mentioned states will legalize gambling, Pavilion Payments will provide best-in-class payment services to places where wagering becomes legal. 


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