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NCPG Promotes Problem Gambling Awareness Month this March

The recent success of commercial gaming has been unprecedented. In 2021, the commercial gaming industry achieved its highest-ever annual revenue of $53 billion. While this success has been an encouraging sign for commercial gaming professionals, it has also raised concerns about responsible gaming habits. In addition, regulators, interest groups, and industry members believe that raising awareness of responsible gaming practices is essential in maintaining an informed and safe public.

Pavilion Payments also promotes responsible gaming with the initiatives it supports. Pavilion Payments is a proud partner of the American Gaming Association’s Have a Game Plan.® Bet Responsibly.™ responsible gaming initiative. The Have a Game Plan initiative provides tips and principles for engaging in safe, responsible, and fun play. In addition, Have a Game Plan also promotes resources that help individuals recover from problem gambling.


Additionally, Pavilion Payments incorporates responsible gaming measures into its products. Pavilion Payments implements cooling-off periods so patrons spend only a little money at a time. Patrons can also utilize configurable pre-set spending limits, enabling them to stay on budget easily. People can also opt out of service through voluntary self-exclusion if gambling becomes an issue.


PGAM is a chance to step back and do good for the entire industry. It’s a chance for industry members to educate the public and promote safe, responsible, and enjoyable gaming, and Pavilion Payments is doing its part this March.


Click here to learn more about how Pavilion Payments promotes responsible gaming at every business level.