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Modern Solutions on the Casino Floor Drive Client Success

The casino floor is where patrons seek immersive experiences and operators strive for seamless, efficient transactions. The need for modern solutions is increasing as more operators are recognizing the evolving needs of their patrons. As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments has developed innovative solutions for the casino floor that transform the payment experience.


Pavilion Payments’ solutions are built around the needs of operators and their patrons. With modern solutions such as VIP Nomad and Mobile Jackpot, a powerful combination designed to redefine the jackpot payout process, operators can improve their efficiency. This innovative solution empowers slot attendants to process jackpots instantly at the slot machine, ensuring a seamless experience for the patrons without disrupting their gameplay.


VIP Nomad is a powerful and secure multi-purpose tablet that not only expedites jackpot processing but also transforms the overall casino experience. As a fast and safe way to process jackpots, VIP Nomad enables instant support right at the slot machine. With a state-of-the-art design, VIP Nomad is lightweight yet robust, ensuring efficiency in fast-paced environments.


Real-time handling of jackpots eliminates errors, expedites timing and delivers an elevated experience for both operators and patrons. VIP Nomad's open platform allows for the custom deployment of mobile applications, creating an enterprise-grade solution that optimizes operating costs and ensures an incredible guest experience at every interaction point throughout the casino.


Pavilion Payments’ goal is to empower operators by offering solutions that enhance player satisfaction and streamline transactions. Innovative solutions like VIP Nomad, Mobile Jackpot and the app-less VIP Mobility enhancement make the payout process faster and more efficient while also driving increased casino loyalty.


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