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Amelco Selects Pavilion Payments for Online Sports Betting

Amelco, a sports betting software, and trading services provider is the latest to tap Pavilion Payments' iGaming solutions to deliver users an enhanced online sports betting experience. Founded in 2006, UK-based Amelco has transformed from developing software solutions for pricing, trading, and execution platforms in the banking sector to a leading provider of sports betting platforms for global tier-one operators.

With Pavilion Payments, Amelco is positioned to deliver a fast and easy funding experience directly to the sportsbook's users via their smart devices. This partnership allows Pavilion Payments to integrate its iGaming solutions with Amelco's sports betting platform. Through this integration, Amelco can quickly provide operators access to Pavilion Payments' warranty ACH service to give gamers easy funding options and an enhanced gaming experience.


"Global Payment Gaming Solutions' technology is making it possible for gaming organizations to offer industry-leading electronic wallet capabilities to improve the sports betting experience for their users," said Christopher Justice, president of Pavilion Payments. "We are pleased to partner with Amelco as they continue to deliver innovative sports betting solutions to advance the online gaming experience for consumers."


Pavilion Payments' sports betting technology allows Amelco to leverage ACH-guaranteed services. It lets players electronically fund their bets and get real-time access to their winnings using their "on file" checking accounts. Using Pavilion Payments' VIP LightSpeed® platform, the iGaming solutions power funding and withdrawals for online sports betting, and the VIP Preferred® e-check network empowers guests to access funds from their checking account seamlessly and frictionlessly.


Amelco is currently using Pavilion Payments' sports betting technology as the platform provider for Action24/7, Tennessee's only local sportsbook, with more integrations slated for the coming months.


Check out the recent press release or our online gaming solutions to learn more about how Pavilion Payments is helping casinos better serve their guests and where and how they choose to play.