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Travel Restrictions Ease Just In Time for Summer Travel Season

As schools go on break and the days grow longer, people nationwide plan their vacations. The summer vacation season is upon us, which means boom times for travel and hospitality. The tourism and hospitality industries received a hand from the White House. Last month, President Joe Biden lifted restrictions requiring travelers from abroad to provide a negative COVID-19 test. American Gaming Association (AGA) President Bill Miller lauded the decision, writing, “By welcoming back international business and leisure travelers, the American gaming industry and our nation’s hospitality sector can fully recover. This move puts the United States on equal footing with other countries and will significantly boost our nation’s travel and hospitality industries.”

The commercial gaming industry is heavily reliant on the movements of the hospitality industry more broadly. Especially now, while American sports are in a lull until college and professional football returns, gaming institutions should focus on their in-person gaming channels. Pavilion Payments offers products that simplify payments and enhance the gaming experience.


Pavilion Payments is paving the way for cashless gaming, the latest innovation in the gaming industry. Pavilion Payments’ VIP Mobility™ is the industry’s first mobile solution enabling cashless gaming. VIP Mobility allows patrons to complete all their payments on their mobile devices, improving convenience and eliminating the need to carry cash. VIP Mobility also utilizes Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check network, VIP Preferred®, to enable simple and easy transactions.


For those patrons who still prefer to play with cash, Pavilion Payments offers its self-service solution, VIP Financial Center™. VIP Financial Center is a full-service kiosk solution with a full range of abilities, including self-service TITO ticket redemption, bill breaking, VIP Preferred e-check, ATM, and cash advance capabilities.


As coronavirus restrictions ease, the hospitality and tourism industries have a chance to make a huge comeback this summer. Gaming industry professionals can take advantage of the increase in travel. Casino operators need to offer an exciting, enjoyable experience and simple, straightforward payments to capitalize on this opportunity.


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