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Streamlining the Payment Process from Start to Finish

Improving the payment experience is an essential way to fulfill patrons' needs and expectations in the competitive gaming industry. Cash remains a popular mode of payment on gaming floors, but patrons are increasingly seeking mobile solutions for seamless and efficient ways to fund their play. By prioritizing targeted innovations, Pavilion Payments offers online bank credentialing to streamline the enrollment process for both casinos and patrons.


With online banking credentials, patrons have secure access to their online banking accounts after a secure verification of the patrons’ identity. Pavilion Payments’ VIP Preferred® is an industry-standard e-check/ACH network designed to link directly to patrons' checking accounts for a seamless cashless gaming experience. Patrons have the option to manually enter their bank information or utilize online banking credentials for swift and hassle-free enrollment. Once enrolled, patrons gain access to more than 400 land-based and online gaming sites across the United States, ensuring a seamless and consistent payment experience.


With the implementation of online bank credentialing, online operators have the unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate with existing systems. This unified ecosystem facilitates smooth fund transfers for online gaming. This comprehensive solution ensures a frictionless and user-friendly payment experience for all patrons. With online bank credentials, patrons don’t have to wait in long lines or worry about how much cash to carry, making their gaming experience more enjoyable.


Pavilion Payments' commitment to targeted innovations has paved the way for a transformative payment experience in the casino industry. Through the use of online bank credentialing, patrons now enjoy the convenience of accessing their funds effortlessly, while casinos benefit from increased business and improved efficiency. With a focus on security and seamless integration, Pavilion Payments' forward-thinking approach sets the stage for a cashless gaming future that is both innovative and user-centric. The future of payments is here, and it's revolutionizing the world of casino entertainment.


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