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Set Yourself Up for a Successful 2023 with Powerful Payments Technology

A new year means a unique opportunity for more developments and innovation in the gaming industry. Patrons and operators alike have reaped the benefits of advancements in digital payment technologies. The way patrons fund their play has been continually evolving year by year, from needing strictly cash on a casino floor to being able to manage all payments through a mobile phone. As an industry leader, Pavilion Payments sets patrons up for success by providing innovative and straightforward capabilities that make cashless gaming a preferred method.

When managing finances, patrons rely on technology to create a convenient and easy experience. Through the Pavilion Payments’ suite of products, patrons can take control of their money to have a smooth gaming year. Using solutions such as VIP Mobility™, the gaming industry’s first cashless gaming solution, patrons streamline the use of smartphone technology for payments. VIP Mobility delivers a seamless payment experience by directly connecting slot and table games to the patron’s mobile device in real time. Another solution that sets patrons up for success is VIP Preferred®, Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check network. It connects the patron’s cashless wagering ledger directly to their bank account with bank-grade security and safety. For patrons who want to game with cash this year, they can take advantage of the Pavilion Payments’ VIP Financial Center™, a full-service kiosk solution with a self-service approach that allows patrons to cut down on waiting time in lines at the cage.


For a successful gaming year, patrons must be equipped to play responsibly. Pavilion Payments creates and promotes the safest and most straightforward solutions to encourage responsible gaming. The VIP Preferred e-check network ensures that all transactions are protected. Patrons also have several safety features with VIP Preferred, including configurable pre-set spending limits, cooling-off periods, and voluntary self-exclusion.


Whether patrons want to play tables or slots on the casino floor, engage in sports betting through online sports books, or participate in iGaming this year, Pavilion Payments prepares patrons for a successful and safe gaming experience.


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