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Bridging the Virtual and Physical Casino Payment Processes

Many industries have been moving towards a digitalized payment system for increased convenience and efficiency. Meanwhile, casinos are beginning to implement cashless solutions, but cash still tends to be a popular method for many patrons. In addition, an innovative solution combines digital and physical ways to fund play based on patrons' preferences.

For patrons that prefer to play with cash when visiting casinos, the VIP Financial Center™ is Pavilion Payments comprehensive kiosk solution. The VIP Financial Center is a full-service solution on the casino floor that provides convenient self-service TITO ticket redemption, bill breaking, e-check, ATM, and cash advance capabilities to casino guests. This efficient and impactful solution delivers a convenient experience by decreasing the amount of time waiting in line at the cage.


Pavilion Payments ' VIP Financial Center is designed to provide casino operators with robust service capability, enhanced security, easy serviceability, and high dependability — all in a slim profile design that creates more room for revenue-producing slot machines and table games. These kiosk centers seamlessly bridge all patrons' virtual and physical gaming experiences.


The VIP Financial Center also enables many of Pavilion Payments’ other solutions, like its cashless solution, VIP Mobility™. VIP Mobility allows for a better gaming experience by encouraging patrons to utilize their mobile phones to fund their play and complete all transactions on their mobile devices, leveraging a digital approach emphasizing speed and convenience. VIP Mobility also uses the Pavilion Payments industry-standard e-check network, VIP Preferred®, to directly connect a patron's wagering account to their bank account. VIP Preferred is backed by bank-grade security to ensure all transactions are done quickly while keeping patrons' information safe.


The in-person gaming experience enhancement is through both digital and physical payment capabilities. While digital and cashless gaming is quickly becoming adopted, casinos still acknowledge that traditional in-person gaming is the most significant source of commercial gaming revenue. Operators that invest in the in-person as much as the mobile payments technology will quickly see the benefits of an improved gaming experience.


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