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Pavilion Payments Funds Research and Grant Award for the International Center for Responsible Gaming

LAS VEGAS – January 23, 2024 – Pavilion Payments, the leading omnichannel payments provider exclusively serving the gaming industry, announced its support and contribution to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG). Pavilion Payments' funding will go towards a research initiative led by internationally recognized researcher and professor at Ottawa-based Carleton University, Dr. Michael J.A. Wohl, aimed at developing tools to foster responsible gambling practices. 


The primary objective is to promote responsible and positive gaming habits to decrease gambling-related harm. Despite the potential benefits, some responsible gaming tools face challenges in gaining widespread adoption amongst players that may benefit from utilizing such tools provided by gambling operators. The funded research will build on previous findings that a preemptive limit option is more effective in reducing problem gaming over time compared to a suggestion-based option, which typically occurs in the middle of a gaming session. Pavilion Payments’ involvement is meant to develop new ways to encourage patrons to utilize responsible gaming tools and play more securely and responsibly. 


“Together, we aim to contribute to the development of responsible gambling initiatives that prioritize the well-being of players,” said Arthur Paikowsky, President of the ICRG. “This generous grant will empower us to conduct groundbreaking research, providing industry leaders with the evidence needed to make informed decisions about the strengths and weaknesses of play management systems.” 


Consisting of two prospective studies and two experiments, the initiative will assess attitudes towards preemptive limit setting tools, identify characteristics of players choosing this option and evaluate the real and perceived influence on behavior. The research will also explore the impact of incentivizing the use of preemptive limit setting tools and limit adherence, with operators providing access to their players through loyalty programs and player-account data. 


“At Pavilion Payments, we are committed to promoting responsible and ethical practices within the gaming industry,” said Christopher Justice, CEO of Pavilion Payments. “Our investment in the ICRG reflects our dedication to advancing research that will contribute to the development of effective tools for responsible gambling. We believe in the potential of Dr. Wohl's research to reshape the gaming landscape by positively contributing to a future of responsible gaming.”  

About Pavilion Payments 

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About ICRG 

The ICRG, founded in 1996, continues to serve as the only funding source for scientific research on gambling disorder and responsible gambling in the United States, yielding nearly 500 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Recently, it has become a global leader in the field. For more information, visit