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GPGS Supports Social Distancing Initiatives Launching Self-Service VIP Financial Center

LAS VEGAS – June 11, 2020 - Global Payments Gaming Solutions announced the official availability of its VIP Financial Center, a full-service solution that provides convenient self-service TITO, bill breaking, e-check, ATM and cash advance capabilities to casino guests.


As casinos nationwide continue to reopen, operators are challenged to adhere to social distancing guidelines while ensuring an enjoyable player experience for their guests. Global Payments Gaming Solutions provides a full suite of solutions that enable casinos to achieve this with the flexibility to meet the preferences of players who choose to use cash as well as those who prefer a cashless experience.

Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ VIP Financial Center is designed to provide casino operators with robust service capability, high dependability, easy serviceability and enhanced security -- all in a slim profile design that creates more room for revenue-producing slot machine and table games.

From a security standpoint, the center is EMV compliant, offers real-time security alerts, integrates T31 controls and reporting, and features enclosed bill paths, all while providing users with a discreet PIN pad location, enhanced privacy screens and anti-skimming protection. Additionally, consumer protection is enabled through automated player tracking with improved identity and age verification. AML controls are also tighter, creating numerous additional checks and balances to mitigate the potential for fraudulent behavior, and responsible gaming measures are also enhanced, including configurable spending limits, “pre-set cooling” off periods and self-exclusion.

“Today’s consumers want the ability to access and manage their funds through a variety of different channels, depending on their own unique situations and preferences,” said Christopher Justice, president of Global Payments Gaming Solutions. “VIP Financial Center enables casinos to conveniently and securely meet this expectation while also supporting safe social distancing measures on the casino floor.”


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