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Pavilion Payments

Our rich history and expertise in gaming enable us to offer a broad portfolio of products and services to help your guests access their cash and help you better understand and incentivize guest behavior while crafting unique experiences across all of your physical and digital properties.


Gaming's leading e-check/ACH network

Because 10% of guests make up 80% of casino revenue, easily enabling VIP play is essential to success. VIP Preferred®, our e-check network, is available in more than 400 North American physical and online gaming locations. More than 3 million consumers rely on Pavilion Payments for simple, safe, and responsible play. The process is fully electronic and requires no complex guest signup.

Elevating Casino Play with Cutting-Edge Cashless Gaming Technologies

Cashless gaming is revolutionizing the casino experience, offering a simpler and more efficient way to fund play. VIP Mobility™ is at the forefront of this transformation, enabling casino operators to embrace cashless payment solutions while enhancing the player experience. This innovative system allows guests to generate digital TITO tickets on their mobile devices, leveraging cashless methods such as scanning existing vouchers or using VIP Preferred® e-check accounts.

The industry's first full-service, end-to-end kiosk solution

For years, the services inside slot-floor kiosks were not provided by the same company delivering the box. Pavilion Payments has changed all of that with the introduction of our VIP LightSpeed® Kiosk series. Our full-service solutions feature self-service TITO, bill-breaking, jackpot processing, e-check, ATM, and cash advance — all from a Pavilion Payments leader.

Take your game online

VIP Preferred® is Pavilion Payments’ award-winning, industry-standard ACH network and the industry's premier way to provide gaming patrons easy and convenient access to their funds at iGaming establishments. VIP Preferred users can use a single account to play at 100+ online gaming sites and get real-time access to winnings through ACH-guaranteed services, all while enjoying higher funding amounts.

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