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Utilizing Data to Spot Problem Gaming

by Global Payments Gaming Team / September 20, 2022

Throughout the month of September, we join the American Gaming Association (AGA) to honor and support Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM). This annual occasion was established to bring awareness and advance patrons’ understanding of responsible gaming. As an industry leader, Global Payments Gaming Solutions is consistently committed to preventing problem gaming with safe and secure technology that promotes responsible gaming.

Gaming technology has grown increasingly sophisticated as innovations like cashless payments have defined the patron experience, and Global Payments takes a proactive approach to problem gaming by utilizing data to protect patrons. As gaming technology evolves, its implications for responsible gaming grow alongside it. The sheer volume of data involved in day-to-day operations has ballooned to an incredible degree. While much of this data consists of mundane record-keeping, it can be used in unexpected ways. The new technology provides patrons and casino operators with the tools to better identify and curb problem gambling.

Along with features built in to better control spending, casino operators can use the data itself to spot potential warning signs. Casino operators have vast amounts of data at their fingertips that they use to spot patterns in patron behavior. However, those casino operators can use the same strategy to protect their patrons from potentially harmful behavior. Considering that the prevention of problem gambling is always a top priority, Global Payments patrons’ have full access to innovative safety features through VIP Preferred® including configurable pre-set spending limits, cooling-off periods and voluntary self-exclusion. Using data to protect patrons from problem gambling reinforces the integrity and responsibility of the gaming industry.

Providing patrons with the tools to play safely and utilizing gaming technology and data to spot problem gaming will protect all patrons in the gaming industry. Be a part of the conversation online by using #RGEM2022 to help AGA and Global Payments spread awareness for responsible gaming throughout the month of September.

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