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Pavilion Payments Simplifies Reporting with VIP Shield

by Global Payments Gaming Team / February 19, 2021

For casino operators, tracking and reporting patrons’ transactions can be a daunting task. Casinos generate an enormous number of transactions every day and consequently need a Title 31 system that can effectively and efficiently collect, track and report transactions. Global Payments Gaming Solutions is providing our partners with a new level of compliance and assistance through the introduction of VIP Shield.

Global Payments’ VIP Shield is designed to enhance compliance initiatives and reduce the cost of risk penalties by replacing manual processes with electronic reporting. Accessible directly through our VIP LightSpeed® platform, VIP Shield tracks all cash-in and cash-out transactions, single or aggregate, throughout the gaming day. Following the collection period, transactions are documented and itemized in log entries as needed.

Although VIP Shield automatically tracks and reports patron transactions, casino staff members have the capability to manually edit Multiple Transaction Logs (MTL) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR). Additionally, VIP Shield provides timely Anti-Money Laundering insight, empowering staff members to collaborate when making decisions.

VIP Shield is configured to work in tandem with casinos’ existing Casino Management Systems (CMS), making it a cost-efficient and easy-to-use solution for operators. Through the utilization of open APIs, the system is compatible with any gaming system, currency-based transaction or instrument.

In addition to improving internal efficiency, VIP Shield enhances the customer experience. VIP Shield automatically prepares and files a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) for patrons who have reached the transaction threshold. Additionally, the solution fights fraud by verifying every casino guest’s identity with the IRS and Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Person List (SDN).

To learn more, click below to download the VIP Shield solution brief or visit our Resource Center.

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