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NFL Playoffs Call for Responsible Gaming Awareness

by Global Payments Gaming Team / January 11, 2023

In the gaming industry, sports betting remains one of the most popular forms of gambling. Among all the sports and events in the sports betting realm, the NFL Playoffs continuously break records in participation, views and revenue in the United States. According to Sportico, the National Football League racked up a surprising 171.3 billion TV ad impressions and was 19 of the 20 most-viewed broadcasts in 2022, far outperforming the next most-watched sport. The NFL is not lacking in engagement and is expected to see more growth. Ahead of the first kickoff of the NFL Playoffs, Global Payments Gaming Solutions promotes safe, reliable and responsible gaming.

As an industry leader, Global Payments advocates for responsible gaming by promoting initiatives and integrating responsible gaming measures into all solutions. Global Payments partners with and supports the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Have A Game Plan.® Bet Responsibly.™ responsible gaming campaign. The Have A Game Plan initiative advocates for four core principles of responsible sports betting: set a budget and stick to it, keep betting social, know the odds, and play with trusted, regulated operators. By promoting this key message, sports fans can be educated on the importance of responsible sports betting.

To encourage responsible gaming, Global Payments Gaming Solutions creates and promotes the safest and simplest solutions. Global Payments’ industry-standard e-check network, VIP Preferred®, makes sports betting simple by linking patrons’ checking accounts directly with their wagering ledger, enabling fast and safe access to funds. By utilizing bank-grade security, the VIP Preferred e-check network ensures that all transactions are protected. Patrons also have several safety features with VIP Preferred including configurable pre-set spending limits, cooling off periods and voluntary self-exclusion.

Sports betting continues to grow in popularity because it is a fun and competitive way to watch the teams and players that fans support most. While betting can make watching sports more exciting, education is extremely important to ensure patrons are wagering responsibly. Global Payments Gaming Solutions is committed to education and ensuring a safe gaming environment.

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